Welcome to Friedrichs 2.0

Kate Stringer at LA School Report sets the stage for a new California lawsuit brought by the same lawyers behind the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association that sought to end compulsory union dues for teachers. While it looked like Friedrichs was headed to a victory at the Supreme Court, the sudden and unexpected death of Justice Scalia quickly turned the tables. In his absence, the court deadlocked at 4-4 and the lower court ruling was left to stand. While union advocates called it a victory, they were well aware that there were more than a few similar cases working their way through the court system. 

The new case filed this past Monday is Yohn v. California Teachers Association and other than the plaintiff names, it is remarkably similar to the Friedrichs case. 

The case is really identical in most respects to Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a case that the Center for Individual Rights brought before the Supreme Court just a little over a year ago,” Terry Pell, the center’s president, told reporters during a conference call Tuesday. “The legal claims are the same; the litigation strategy is the same. The principal difference is that we are representing new clients.

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