LAUSD students to gain scholarships, early admission into health care majors

On April 10th Lynwood Unified School District launched a partnership with Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science that allows students to apply for scholarships as early as 10th grade.

The partnership was created to encourage students to enroll in health-related disciplines at Charles Drew University (CDU), which will provide benefits that include scholarships, early admission and waived application fees. Academically qualified students will be given priority registration as they pursue Bachelor of Science degrees in biomedical sciences, radiologic science, urban community health, nursing or health administration, or an associate’s degree in radiologic science.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for all of our students who are interested in continuing their education with an emphasis in health care,” Lynwood Unified Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “Our students will have the necessary financial means to not only attend Charles Drew University, but to also ensure that the education they receive will serve them for the rest of their lives.”

The partnership was designed to expand college and career choices in the fields of science and medicine as well as scholarships for all qualified students from Lynwood Unified, Director of Secondary Education Tony Hua said.

“It’s amazing for our students to have this kind of partnership that allows them to work toward something that assures them priority enrollment at CDU,” Hua said. “Our partnership with Charles Drew University just makes great sense and their support in fostering our students who are interested in the medical and science fields will have a great and positive impact on our programs, such as our biomedical pathway program.”

The partnership gives socioeconomically disadvantaged Lynwood Unified School District students greater opportunities to attend college and attain a career in the medical field, said Dr. Steve O. Michael, CDU executive vice president for academic affairs and provost. Gaining acceptance into CDU is a difficult feat for any student because the university turns down thousands of applicants each year, Michael said.

“For the Doctor of Medicine program that we have, we get about 2,800 applications for only 28 places, and our Physician Assistance program gets about 3,300 applications for only 26 places,” Michael said. “The only way we can get our own kids from Lynwood Unified into Charles Drew University is to build this partnership and that is what we are doing today.”

Students can apply for the following four programs:

1. Early Admitted Student Program (EASP): Provides 10th- and 11th-graders with a $2,000 CDU scholarship for each year they have participated in EASP, early admission, waived application fees and discounted tuition for the Introduction to Basic Genetics and Genomic Science course. Students can also attend free public lectures at CDU while in high school.

2. Charles Drew President Scholars Program: Provides incoming 12th-graders with a $10,000 CDU scholarship, early admission, waived application fees and free tuition to the Introduction to Basic Genetics and Genomic Science course. Students are also invited to a President Fall breakfast for scholars and a President Spring lunch for scholars and parents, both held during their senior year of high school.

3. Guaranteed Priority Admission Program: Provides 12th-graders with a $2,500 CDU scholarship and waives application fees.

4. Opportunity Scholars Program: Provides 12th-graders with admission to a preparation/remedial program that would transition into a CDU undergraduate program. Students can also attend free public lectures at CDU while in high school.