UCI Under Fire

Last week, Chancellor Howard Gillman, addressed the current and incoming student body regarding a decision to reverse admission decisions for nearly 500 students after 850 more students than expected planned to enroll. The University of California-Irvine has come under fire after it was reported these admissions decisions were rescinded in part due to over enrollment.

As such, students who would normally be fully admitted to the university had their admissions decisions revoked due to missed deadlines and other "paperwork problems." The reality of this debacle is the decision to withdraw the admission of 500 students had little to do with the academic prowess of students, but had more to do with poor planning on the part of the university.

As of August 1st, 290 students appealed the revocation of their admissions. Of those 290 students, full admission has been offered to 112 students who met at least the minimum admission requirements of A-G completion with a C-grade or better, 3.0 GPA, and no D or F grades during their senior year. Students who appealed their admission decisions after having not met minimum requirements will have their appeals reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the university committing to apprising students to expedited decisions.

Chancellor Gillman had the penned the following statement:

"To the Anteater community:

The stories of our students whose college dreams were crushed by our decision to withdraw admissions to hundreds of students are heartbreaking. And unacceptable.

This process is not working. We are a university recognized for advancing the American Dream, not impeding it. This situation is rocking us to our core because it is fundamentally misaligned with our values.

I must step in and change our direction. Effective immediately, all students who received provisional acceptances into UCI will be fully admitted, except those whose transcripts clearly indicate that they did not meet our academic standards. Those standards are: No Ds or Fs their senior year; a senior-year grade point average of at least 3.0; completion of all A-G requirements outlined by the University of California; and required test scores as indicated on the students’ admission portals.

Even for students whose transcripts show that these requirements were not met, we will establish an expedited process to allow students to make the case for extenuating circumstances, and otherwise will work with students to identify other possible pathways into the university.

We’re trying to understand how we under-estimated the number of students who planned to enroll this fall. We’re also trying to understand why we chose to notify students in an insensitive way or couldn’t answer their telephone calls adequately. I intend to find out so this will never happen again. I directed our internal auditor to review the admissions process and suggest areas for improvement. I plan to have a preliminary report within 60 days.

In closing, the students and their families have my personal, sincerest apology. We should not have treated you this way over a missed deadline.

We will welcome all of our wonderful students who worked so hard to satisfy the requirements for UCI admission, and as we move forward we will do everything we can to earn the trust and loyalty of our community.

Chancellor Howard Gillman"

UCI is committed to expediting the appeal review process as the start of the fall semester is quickly approaching and says it is committed to making this situation right for all students affected.