McDonalds and Womens Day



Anyone who has driven through Lynwood this week took a double take at an iconic symbol that looked a little out of sorts. McDonald's franchise owner, Patricia Williams, made a bold and unprecedented statement in honor of International Women's Day. She turned McDonald's iconic golden arches upside down making it a ‘W’ in honor of women everywhere. Williams, the owner of 16 McDonald's franchises, got her start in Lynwood and chose to make a statement with her location on the corner of Imperial Highway and Long Beach Boulevard, two of Los Angeles' busiest intersections.

In her time in Lynwood, she has employed scores of young people including Lynwood's current Mayor, offering them scholarships and necessary on-the-job training. Additionally, she has been a fervent supporter of local schools and community events. Today, she sets her sights on highlighting women. From the packaging and products to signage and crew uniforms, Patricia Williams, and her teams will turn every golden arch in sight upside down in tribute to the phenomenal impact women have had on society and the broad scope of history and their extraordinary accomplishments.

Seeing how impactful this gesture has been so far, I hope it stays in place beyond this month. The impact women have had on my life, and the world is so indelible that one month - one day is not nearly enough to honor them. Though women have seldom received enough recognition for the work they've done to shape this world, it's important to make sure we show our appreciation for what they mean and what they have done. Their place is not in supporting roles, but on the front lines, leading wherever they chose.