Equity is Justice

Justice Equity_thumb.jpg

Building on the 2014 Equity is Justice resolution, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved a measure that will invest $25 million into the district's lowest-performing schools. The School Equity Needs Index, a resolution, also asks the Superintendent to create a working group to ensure the community has input in where resources are directed.

LAUSD School Board President, Monica Garcia, said, "Action has defined progress in America and progress in our district. The path towards 100 percent graduation is an imperfect process that requires urgency and a new direction. With today's action, each school community maintains their budget and our highest needs schools receive an injection of additional investment. We thank every partner for student success that puts kids first."

The index aims to respond to the environment of communities that result in trauma for students as barriers to education, such as violence, poverty, and pollution. Creating opportunity for students and communities of color crucial to academic success; it is equally important to work to treat the trauma that prevents those students from learning and taking advantage of pathways built for them.

"Today's unanimous vote is a historic moment, as the LAUSD school board puts black and Latino high-needs students first by adopting the Student Equity Need Index 2.0," said Aurea Montes-Rodriguez, Executive Vice President at Community Coalition in a statement.