Benefits of Yoga for Kids


By Natasha Coleman

When I was a teacher, I used to do yoga with my students and boy did they love it. We would do yoga right after recess and lunch and the kids always came back to class with a ton of energy. By doing yoga, the students were calm and ready to finish the rest of the day. There have been many proven benefits for children participating in yoga.

Yoga helps students build concentration skills. They are forced to focus their mind on the movement of their body, forced to relax, and clear their minds. Yoga helps develop body awareness. They learn how their bodies move, what balance is and develop body awareness. Yoga can help students who have a hard time with self-regulation.

Yoga can help relieve stress in students. We never know what students are dealing with outside of school and how school makes them feels, so it is great we give them a safe outlet to relieve that stress. Yoga can allow students to meditate and focus on their breathing. Lastly, yoga helps build strength, awareness, and focus. Yoga can be done in the classroom, at home, or at your nearest gym/yoga studio.