Permit Patty


Dear White People,

Stop calling police on people of color, 911 is for emergencies, not your insecurities.

There should be a law that cites people who call police on people who are not committing a crime the same way people are charged with filing a false police report. When police have to respond to these incidents resources are taken away from actual emergencies. Even people who don't feel like these incidents are racially motivated, even though they obviously are, should be concerned that resources are being wasted on these non-emergencies.

White people who call the police on people of color and make them uncomfortable have to know that they are putting people's lives in danger.

This weekend, police were called on a little black girl who was selling cold water outside her apartment building without a permit; this, coming after "Barbeque Becky" called police on black men barbequing in a public park and after countless of times police were called on black people for existing in public spaces.

Now, "Permit Patty" thought it was a good idea to torment a little girl and her mother for selling water without a permit in an incident she says was a joke. What kind of person calls the police on a little girl for selling water? How is she endangering the public? And why couldn't she just go on about her business?

These types of interactions infuriate me and each time begs the question yet again, “What is permissible for black people to do in public spaces and not have the police called on them?” Either way, I would advocate for legislation that penalizes people for calling the police when there is no crime or imminent threat to public safety.