It’s Really About Power


By Gadeer Alawdi

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The key to success is knowledge and success equals power.

Education has a huge impact in my life and I take it seriously. When I look around, I see my fellow students reach more for popularity than learning and making the most of their education. I’ve always felt like I needed to be popular and “fit in” rather than pass a class but I have changed. I learned people will judge you regardless of what you do.

Some people just crave attention and it doesn’t matter if it is negative or positive. This constant need for attention drives a lot of people to do negative things rather than be praised for working hard and showing dedication because those things take time.

The need to feel cool is such a powerful drug and most of us are addicts. From my perspective it mostly affected us teenagers. There are so many kids that started out focusing on their bright futures that are now in corners smoking and looking for attention in the wrong places to feel “cool”. While people are out in the street being “cool” they don’t notice that everything they are doing is just making them look bad and putting them on the wrong path.

I just wish that everyone knew that there are different ways in getting attention. You don’t have to do negative things such a fighting, bullying, and doing drugs. You can grab people’s attention by making a positive change to this world and be a role model to lots of people. Gang banging and drugs doesn’t make you look cool nor does it make you look tough. You need power in order to be tough and success in order to have power and success is knowledge.

I want to learn how to build real power. That’s my goal.